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All because I was refused candy.
Emotional trauma can come from the most insignificant at first glance childhood events

The past few months I have been diving in deep on the subject of abundance, specifically trying to get to the bottom of my blockages related to it.

What I noticed was that the flow of God’s energy that could be in short described as “Giving and Receiving” was somewhat obstructed. I have known for a while that I had problems on the receiving end; I always felt like I didn’t deserve things, especially if I didn’t work hard for them. Accepting a gift has always left me feeling uneasy and in my mind “I owed” that person something in return.

I always considered myself a giving person however upon taking a more diligent look, I realized that there has always been an underlying fear associated with giving. The fear that left me wondering and even doubting whether more (financial) abundance will come in to replenish what I have just given away.

It’s easy to see now, that the FLOW of abundance in my case was quite obstructed and I wanted to know what caused it.

One evening I sat down in peace and asked God to show me what I needed to know to identify the blockages. Immediately a memory from my childhood came to my mind. I was about 9 years-old when my mom and I went to visit my aunt. When we walked into her living room, there was a dish of assorted candy sitting on the table. It didn’t take my long to reach for the candy, but my mom stopped my hand saying “What are you doing?”. In order for you to understand this situation fully you must know that it happened back in times when socialism was in full swing in Poland, and goods were hard to get a hold of, including candy.

I understand now, that my mom wasn’t trying to be mean, she wanted the best for her children after all. What she did back then was acting out of her own programming that told her to be “polite and thoughtful” to my aunt. That meant being respectful of the fact that she probably paid a ton of money for that candy that was hard to obtain in the first place.

As a child, though, I didn’t understand it. My mind processed it as “you don’t deserve it, there is shortage, good things are hard to find and you can’t have the things that bring you joy”. As a matter of fact, I felt extremely ashamed that I reached for that candy to begin with!

I decided to use a replacement method to clear the stuck energy associated with this traumatic for me event. I simply rewrote the way I recall it! In my new memory, my mom takes two pieces of candy, she gives one to me and she eats the other one herself. We both smile, say “hmmm” because we have so much joy from tasting this treat! My aunt says: “Take as much as you wish” as she brings in a huge sack of assorted candy and pours more on the dish. “I have many more sacks of it”, she adds as she points to the corner of the room where many sacks of candy were stacked up.

What I have noticed working both with my clients and with myself on releasing energy blocks, is that trauma can be caused by events you might consider insignificant. We tend to think of trauma as something dramatic that happened to us, where it could be as simple as being rejected a piece of candy or stepping on a snail, which is what happened to one of my clients and I will tell you about her story in another post 🙂

Releasing stagnant energy is crucial int the process of gaining emotional freedom, inner peace and self-love. Let’s work together, to discover & clear your blockages that prevent you from being the best version of yourself.


All because I was refused candy.
Emotional trauma can come from the most insignificant at first glance childhood events
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