The Mountains Are Calling My Name
We were planning with Claire to have her family session on her property, but when I showed her a picture of Cole Mountain on my phone, she instantly said: “Let’s do it!”

May 30, 2021

The minute I saw the beautiful view and felt the overwhelming sense of freedom on top of Cole Mountain, I knew I wanted to come back with my camera and a family who would love to be captured in this beautiful place!
Family Photo Session in Blue Ridge Mountains; family on top of a boulder enjoying the beautiful view
Snuggled together, enjoying the breathtaking view on top of the mountain

When I met with Claire to plan her family photo session, she took me on a tour of her beautiful property; vast woods, a creek, adorable chickens (one of which loves to spend her night at Clair’s daughter room! 🙂 ). My concern for this location was that there wasn’t enough open space and her children wouldn’t have much room to run and play. I suggested another place to Claire for her photo session. I pulled out my phone and showed her a picture of the top of Cole Mountain. The second she saw it, she said “Let’s do it!”. For Claire it was a great opportunity to check off one of her items on her bucket list, namely a FAMILY PHOTO SESSION IN THE MOUNTAINS.

A boy helping his dad to the top of a boulder on top of a mountain
Becket feels like a big shot helping his dad to the top of the boulder!

Climbing the big boulders can be fun not only for kids, but for their parents as well! Not only that, it creates opportunities for unique and fabulous family captures!

While we’re there, why not get silly! Boys are so good at it! 🙂

It's fun to be silly with your family around! A boy trying his mom's hat on.
Becket sporting his mom’s hat. It looks like his sister is enjoying the scene as well! 😉

One of things that I love most about this locations for portrait sessions, is that there is so much open space to explore, to run, play and feel the freedom!
Becket and Victoria certainly took advantage of it!

Have I mentioned the wind? Oh, it’s so magical! Embracing it and letting go can be one of the most soul-fueling parts of such family experience.

By Geoff’s request, we even got to create some “cool” family photos; right after the sunset.
Have no fear! The Fisher family is here to save the world … or to capture their inner hero attitude 🙂

cool photo of a family wearing sunglasses on top of a mountain
Fisher Squad to the rescue! 🙂

I must say that for my first photo session in the mountains, I couldn’t have picked a better family! They not only enjoy hiking but they fully embraced the location and brought out the fun of being together that I had the great pleasure to capture!
It all makes for a memorable and fun family photo session experience in the mountains!

family snuggled on the blanket at sunset on top of a mountain meadow

Thank you, Fisher family! <3

Agata Langer