How long have you been doing what you do, and how did you become an Emotional Freedom & Relationship Coach?

To answer this question, it's probably best that I share with you a defining moment, and a resulting "compelling story", that brought me to where I am today – coaching people like you on exactly how to create peaceful relationships, gain new appreciation for their partners, releasing emotional baggage as well as understanding and overcoming the life lesson your relationship is presenting you with.

After finishing my degree, I knew I needed a break from my life in Poland and to make a new life for myself, so, in 2000, I left the country of my birth, Poland, arriving in the USA on an exchange program as an au-pair in New York. I needed a new perspective, to be able to make decisions for my own life without my parents' input or influence. My family had always been supportive and encouraging in the best way they knew how. Being an introverted and shy child, I lacked the confidence my family expected of me. They believe that for me to be successful in life, they would have to force this awkwardness out of me. They pushed me into being more confident and outspoken than I naturally was. At a very young age, my father would force me into situations like asking strangers for directions (which was extremely hard for the introverted child who I was) and it only made me retract deeper into my shell. It instilled in me profound feelings of being not 'good enough’. On top of it all, my childhood home was filled with constant arguments between my parents. My mother had this tendency to bottle up her emotions until it was too much and she would blow up like a volcano, blaming everything and everyone for her unhappiness followed by dreadful days of "silent treatment". Little did I know that later in my life, I would display the same behavior patterns in my own marriage, playing the same programming I absorbed as a child. Although I was loved by my parents, the control and pressure they put on me as well as the constant disagreements and lack of emotional safety was hard to bear, so leaving to live aboard was an easy decision for me.

Fast forward 13 years – going from being an au-pair in a new country to owning my own online company selling children's clothing, I had come a long way. During these years of living in New York, I got married and had 3 beautiful boys. But the cracks were starting to show. I expected this loving man to make me happy. And it's no surprise that my way of making my world work was to be controlling and forceful. The high expectations I had of myself and everyone around me, made it hard for my family to have freedom of expression and to create a peaceful environment everyone could thrive in. The more I tried to control my world, the more it went wrong and the more unhappy and disappointed I felt. The patterns I absorbed from my parents got me into cycles of severe & unpredictable emotional outbursts as I had no clue how to process my emotions. I blamed my husband and the circumstances for my misery often serving him with "silent treatment" as this was the only way I knew. At that time, I didn't have the emotional intelligence to understand how harmful it was for my boys to live with a mother who was emotionally unpredictable.

By 2013 my marriage and my business were failing, and I was literally in complete collapse myself. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted with driving myself and trying hard to control everything to make things work.

I save my marriage, I decided to sign up for therapy. It was 5 years into it when I realized that it only provided an outlet for me to vent and complain, focusing my attention on what was wrong and still repeating the toxic cycles.

One evening I randomly came across the book called E2 by Pam Grout. This book explains something so significant, something I had never heard before - "Our thoughts create our reality." Reading this was like a light bulb switch turning on inside me…this book gave me my power back. I had no idea that I was creating my current mess…and that I was attracting all this into my reality. It was time to take responsibility and not be a victim to my circumstance. This moment impacted my thinking profoundly and created a shift in me forever.

Since then I have been on a profound journey of self-discovery, participating in classes and workshops on how to manifest, how to heal my inner child or how to release control and codependency. I hired multiple mentors so I can learn how to facilitate emotional healing, clearing generational patterns or releasing energetic blocks that keep us stuck. I am a certified Spiritual Response Therapy practitioner and I have since added many effective tools to my belt that I use while working with motivated women who are ready to learn how to create peaceful relationships and an environment where they can thrive and have freedom to express their thoughts and emotions freely without being worried it might end in an argument or their partner might take an offence. 

I work with women committed to taking control over their life by diving deep into self-reflection, healing from past wounds, releasing energetic blocks that keep them stuck and reprogramming their subconscious mind to serve them in the most positive way possible so they can stop negative thinking and control dramas and navigate their relationships on the foundation of a healthy self-esteem, self-confidence & without judgement.

To make this all possible, I have created a program, From Conflict to Harmony, based on my signature system 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships, a series of 12 important, actionable steps every motivated woman needs to apply to finally have the tools to form healthy, strong relationships, communicate and connect with their partner on a deeper level and overcome conflicts, insecurities or depression without therapy.

Who are your clients?

I work with women just like you who are 

  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Reiki Masters
  • CEOs
  • Sales professionals
  • Photographers
  • Teachers
  • Accountants
  • Women who are great at what they do but need some guidance on how to heal their relationships so they can finally have a peaceful dinner with their family, enjoy a night out and have a respectful and meaningful connection with their partners.
  • Women who are motivated to create relationships where there is mutual appreciation, understanding and respect.
  • Women who love their partners and who are determined to avoid divorce or separation but need the right tools to know how to self-heal so their relationship can heal as a result.
  • Women who are ready to be radically honest and open to new & sometimes unconventional healing methods.
  • Women who want to learn how to break toxic patterns and bring clarity in the process of forming a fulfilling and nurturing relationships.
  • Women who are ready to show up better for both themselves and their partners through honest self-reflection and making their relationship work.
  • Women who are on a BRINK OF A HUGE SHIFT and BREAKTHROUGH in their life and are 100% committed to making it happen.

What makes you different from other Coaches?

In my 90 days From Conflict to Harmony program we will occasionally touch upon logistics and other “coach-y” things, you have me as a creative and an intuitive relationship expert and consultant. I work on the inner and outer principles for creating emotional freedom and facilitating energetic healing so your reality and your relationships can reflect that.

What that means to you is that you get a wise-sage-meets-no-nonsense authentic and caring coach. I’m also very spiritual and I don’t pretend to hide it either. You can count on always getting a straight to the point, honest response from me.

I’m concerned with how to get  your relationships on the fast track to become harmonious, respectful and loving so you can have the freedom to express yourself, be authentic and open with your partner without the fear of getting into an argument or getting emotionally hurt. 

You may not like what I have to tell you – but you can be sure I will always tell you the truth. The truth about what’s standing in the way of your success and how to get rid of it FAST so you can start getting results in record time. You will have my full, 1:1 support and guidance that is custom cut to your unique situation and energetic structure.

What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of me?

My program, From Conflict to Harmony, was created for women who are absolutely determined and dead serious about breaking out of their rut, BREAKING THROUGH resistance by following the guidance with commitment to get them the results fast instead of giving into the same self-sabotaging patterns and giving up. 

Being a highly motivated and persistent person myself, I’m known to work best  with other women who work toward their goals relentlessly, with faith and utmost commitment. Women who are committed to their success no matter what, who are super-ready to get going and just want to know exactly what steps to take to get rid of emotional baggage, enable self-healing & remove the subconscious blocks that stand in the way of creating a happy life based on peaceful & harmonious relationships. My clients often tell me – “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” Consider what you’ll do with me to be a high-octane crash course on everything you need to know to live a life of emotional freedom and beautiful, loving and respectful relationships. You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of thinking and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal:

overcoming conflicts, insecurity and toxic habits to form nurturing, harmonious, strong and fulfilling relationships with YOURSELF & YOUR PARTNER.

In short, the ultimate goal is to take you from emotional turmoil to green pastures where your relationships can thrive and where one day, you will be able to laugh and make jokes about how things used to be between you and your partner.

For what type of professionals are your programs NOT going to work?

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.) The 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships signature system is NOT for those who have no money coming in and are absolutely, financially desperate, at least not right away. It’s been my experience that people in a financial crisis do not trust the recommendations I give them and do not do the work (probably because they spend so much time worrying about where they are going to get next month’s rent check or mortgage payment.) If you fall within this category, it’s absolutely OK. We’ve all been in times of financial crisis at one point or another. Do yourself (3) favors:

  1. Get some money coming in with a full-time or part-time job at the very least, and then call me. This will take the edge off and provide a little more peace of mind. Mostly, it will de-clutter your mind enough to focus on 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships assignments and the BIG picture.  
  2. Sign up for the free From CONFLICT to HARMONY newsletter over email  {insert a link to sign up for your emails}. The free information will get you started towards your goals until you’re ready to work with me one-on-one.
  3. Join our free RELATIONSHIPS ACADEMY Facebook Group so we can stay in touch and where you can get many tips on mastering your relationships.

Doing these three things will really help you get primed for our work. When you’re ready, call me and we’ll get you started. (I’m in no rush and will be here when you need me.) 

Other types of personalities I won’t work with (without exception) are the ONES WHO ARE CONSTANTLY UNWILLING TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON ASSIGNMENTS OR CHALLENGING ASPECTS OF THE PROGRAM.  ALSO I won’t work with the whiner or the chronic skeptic, as well as individuals who consistently make excuses for not getting their assignments done or challenging every aspect of the program. If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not call and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

What exactly is From CONFLICT to HARMONY – 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships signature system and what does it include?

From CONFLICT to HARMONY – 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships

 begins with understanding your true value, where your power really comes from, how to manifest what you want including fulfilling relationships. The philosophy of the program is “Your inner world reflects itself in our reality” which basically means what’s inside (of you), will manifest itself in the physical world. With me as your coach, you will have a SUPER CLEAR understanding on how to decipher your projections, deal with triggers, clear what’s blocking you and standing in your way of having the life you really want and the harmonious relationships YOU DESERVE without emotional drama or struggle!

  1. Reviewing status quo & past experience 

I will get to know you and your story in depth, where you come from and where you are stuck. As I listen to your story,  I will start recognizing and pinpointing your weak and strong points, your patterns and your “operational system” so I can create a customized action plan based on your unique energetic structure.

2. Setting your expectations, your dreams and intentions

You will have a strong and clear vision of how you want your life to look like after graduating from the program. You will learn how to set your intentions and bring the new reality into your life. You will learn how to implement your new manifesting routine to crystalize your new future effectively without falling into self-sabotaging patterns.

3. Understanding your partner 

We will dive deep into your partnership dynamics, identifying what you dislike about your husband and what you appreciate about him. We will talk about life contracts you have with your husband and realize that what he does is FOR you and NOT against you. You will gain a new understanding about life lessons you embarked on in this incarnation and how to learn from them with an A+.

4. Learning from projections

With a huge dose of honesty toward yourself, you will be learning how to learn and grow from deciphering projections. Our family members are our biggest teachers, acting like mirrors that point us in the direction of healing. This is where enormous shifts take place, once we understand our triggers and look at them as opportunities for healing.

5. Removing attachments

Most Attachments to expectations, ideas, stories we create, need for external approval or validation create false identity that in turn gives us a false sense of security. With deep and honest self-awareness, we will look underneath the attachments to expose the authentic self who is more than capable of navigating her relationships in a heart centered fashion.

6. Healing your Inner Child

Most of the wounds that affect us most come from our childhood events, sometimes very trivial on the outside such as a parent refusing to buy us candy. In this step, we will identify the wounds, the emotional blockages and the subconscious stories written around them, transform and transmute them, building a healthy emotional foundation for your new emotional guidance system.

7. Releasing anger, shame, blame and disappointment.

The low vibrational frequencies of emotions such as anger, shame, blame or disappointment have the power of holding us in the state of depression, doom or even despair. You will learn how to release these lower emotions so both your energetic and physical body have a chance to regenerate and come together to assist you in creating the future you envisioned based on positive thinking, regulated emotional responses and healthy sense of self-value.

8. Eliminating faulty subconscious beliefs

You create what you believe in. Realizing what beliefs your operational system holds is crucial in order to eliminate what doesn’t serve you and replacing it with beliefs that will support the vision of life you want to create. Here you will learn how to remove old thinking patterns quickly and effectively and how to install a new, positive belief system that actually empowers you.

9. Generational conditioning & patterns

We will take the inventory of patterns you fall into that you borrowed from your parents, grandparent or that go even deeper, many generations back. We will find the point of origin and perform ancestral clearing through meditation and visualization, so you stop falling into the same self-sabotaging patterns. 

10. Effective communication

You will learn tools to freely communicate your message with your partner in a way that doesn’t end up in an argument or miscommunication. You will learn to recognize control dramas and how to work with them or unlearn them. You will also learn how to distance yourself emotionally in a healthy way and how to hold your energetic field and not to “dump” it on others effecting their emotional wellbeing.

11. Releasing control

This is probably one of the most important things that you will take away from this program. With a radically honesty approach, you will be able to detach yourself from the need to control your family members’ lives. You will release your mind and your energy from the prison of codependency so you, your partner and your family members have the freedom of expression and so you can create an emotionally safe and thriving environment for yourself and your loved ones.

12. Harvest and celebrate!

At the conclusion of the program we will take the inventory of all the wins and breakthroughs you have experienced. We will also fine-tune all of the details that need more attention to set you on the path to success in creating peaceful relationships where you can build close, intimate relationships based on trust, honestly, care, love and feeling of safety.

With all the self-healing you have done, the emotional intelligence you have developed and all of the tools you now have under your belt, you will feel empowered to keep creating the life your dreams, feeling like the sky is the limit. Congratulations on graduation from the From CONFLICT to HARMONY program! 

Does this really work?

Yes! The result of our work is an approach to shifting your mindset, discovering the subconscious blocks that hold you back and clearing them so you can create your relationships based on authentic love, care, compassion and utmost respect for your partner. Healing your inner child (inner world) will give you self-confidence stemming from the true core of your soul that will empower you to express your thoughts, opinions and perspectives freely, enjoying and cherishing the time spent with your partner or your family. 

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

  • Perceive yourself as a valuable member of your family or partnership
  • Have more appreciation for both yourself and your partner
  • Stop being afraid of triggers but rather learn how to use them to heal
  • Discover your authentic self by releasing control patterns as self-protection mechanism
  • Expand your emotional intelligence so you can handle relating to other with mastery
  • Set healthy boundaries with ease and confidence
  • Regulate your emotional response system to act instead of react
  • Have more self-confidence in yourself
  • Create deep intimacy and meaning in your personal relationships
  • Gain understanding of why things happen and why people act in certain ways
  • Stop being trapped repeating the same drama cycles and patterns
  • Develop deep compassion for yourself and others
  • Be excited about what life brings and checking off the life lessons with grace
  • Letting go of trauma and old unnecessary emotional baggage
  • Forgive others and God, finding inner peace
  • Releasing low-vibrational emotions such as guilt, shame, disappointment or anger
  • Learn to use projections as means of transformation and healing
  • Dissipate anxiety, stress and struggle with peace from inner healing
  • Stop self-sabotaging yourself by working through resistance with confidence
  • Create relationships based on mutual understanding, care and respect
  • Understand the life lessons you and your partner signed up for
  • Expand your consciousness to embrace the purpose of this life
  • Open your heart and let it lead the way
  • Connect with the infinite flow of Life Source Energy
  • Fill up your motivation & inspiration tank, refueling the creative life force that flows through you
  • Make MANY HUGE SHIFTS and changes of perspective
  • Witness and participate in life in a brand new way
  • Find new appreciation for your husband, your family members and the “not-so-pleasant” events in your life
  • Take control of your personal growth and expansion

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

I encourage you to go to the Client Testimonials  page and read all of them. They will give you an idea of how my clients benefited from my coaching. My clients like to keep their names private as many of the subjects we work on are personal and of delicate nature.

How quickly can I expect results?

That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts. Some clients are ready to go and release the old patterns and adopt the new perspective in a very short time frame, even in a few weeks, while others have a little more work to do first.

It also depends on how much emotional baggage you are ready to release and how deep your subconscious blocks are that are holding you back.

From my experience, the more honest approach you have toward yourself, the quicker progress you will make. 

How can I guarantee myself that I will get more emotional freedom and create harmonious relationships in record time?

Do all of your homework. Be totally committed to your success. Understand that this is a process, a proven one, that works if you take action and implement all of the steps. All my clients who have diligently applied every step of From CONFLICT to HARMONY – 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships  have successfully build a family life of their dreams based on respect, understanding and loving communication with their partners in much less time than they would have on their own, AND have worked through their resistance by breaking old patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors which led them to gaining more appreciation for themselves, their partners and their family members.

Agata, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one I want to learn from. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on making a decision for success! I’m happy to work with you to facilitate self-healing, releasing old wounding and self-sabotaging patterns so you can gain new appreciation for yourself, your life, your partner and build your beautiful relationships based on respect, love, compassion and understanding! 

The best way to work with me is in my 1:1 From CONFLICT to HARMONY – 90 days to Break Conflict Cycles & Build Harmonious Relationships signature program. Here’s some of the results you can expect…

  • Learn tangible tools to build strong and harmonious relationships
  • Make peace with your past and learn healthy emotional responses
  • Learn self-awareness and strong connection with self
  • Gain clarity on how your reality reflects your inner world
  • Heal old wounding that keep you emotionally drained
  • Start developing positive and powerful thinking patterns
  • Learn new, effective ways to communicate in a compassionate, heart-centered way
  • Improve the quality of your emotional responses to avoid reactivity & anger loaded communication
  • Develop deep & meaningful connection with yourself and your partner
  • Share opinions and thoughts without the fear to cause your partner to take offence
  • Learn win-win solutions to navigate your relationship in a joyful and respectful ways
  • Learn how to show up for yourself and your partner in the best way possible
  • Detach from unhealthy ways to look for external approval
  • Communicate with your partner and family members with confidence
  • Gain new appreciation for both yourself and your partner
  • Develop authentic ways to connect with yourself & your loved ones
  • Release from the endless cycles of negative and destructive thinking and behavioral patterns
  • Become the best version of yourself so you can show up for others with hear-centered, authentic approach
  • Love and accept yourself and others more than ever before
  • Enjoy time & peaceful conversations with your partner and your family
  • See yourself as a valuable person who contributes to her relationship
  • Understand triggers and learn how to use them to heal
  • Expand your emotional intelligence so you can navigate your relationships with clarity
  • Set healthy boundaries with respect and compassion
  • Create meaningful connections in your relationships
  • Gain understanding of life purpose and life lessons from relationships
  • Learn to overcome life lessons and pass them with an A+
  • Expand your consciousness and start attracting favorable circumstances in your life
  • Let go of past trauma to make room for self-love, inspiration and compassion
  • Find more inner peace so you can make decisions and express yourself with clarity & confidence
  • Release emotions that keep you feeling stuck such as guilt, shame, disappointment or anger
  • Dissipate anxiety, stress and struggle with peace from inner healing
  • Stop self-sabotaging patterns to create a safe and emotionally nurturing environment
  • Understand and learn from the life lessons you and your partner signed up for
  • Make MANY HUGE SHIFTS and changes of perspective so you can act from a higher level of awareness

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call  you?

Good, sounds like you’re ready to be pulled into your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, just email me at   and I’ll be happy address your questions and see what options are best for you.

I can’t wait to see you succeed and am honored to be the one to help you. Let’s get going!

To Your Freedom, Harmony and Expansion 

~ Agata