How I healed Vertigo with Lavylites
Vertigo is not something I suffer from so it came to me as a surprise one Sunday morning when I woke up with my head spinning.

I am not sure if it’s the ascension symptoms or if God simply gifts them to me so I can test out my Lavylites but the last time I had vertigo was in 2009, after my C-section and it was the side effect of the strong pain medication I was given.

This past Sunday, I woke up and felt my head spinning, I felt nauseous as well. I asked my husband to bring me a lot of water and of course, I used my Auricum on my neck. I got some relief but not enough to get out of bed. Then I remembered that the night before I was listening to a zoom conference of a doctor of natural medicine who was talking about Lavylites products. She mentioned that Heavyl 3.I came down and regulates the nervous system. It improves the communication between hemispheres in our brain. I thought “why not, let’s give it a go”. It took 2 applications (sprays under my tongue) in 15 minutes. I was about 95% better at that point. I got out of bed and started chicken soup for dinner (rosołek in Polish😊). About two hours later I was all ready to do a FB live in my group.

🎉🌟Heavyl 3.I in conjunction with Auricum is also recommended for people with anxiety, stuttering, for low energy or adrenal fatigue.

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