Lavylites are not just cosmetics, it's a brand new LIFESTYLE!

Lavylites products resonate with people who are OPEN. Open not only to unconventional ways of healing, but also open to accepting healing and open to new perspectives and personal and growth.

Thanks to the powerful matrix of information, Lavylites products activate your body's natural healing responses so your cells can self-regenerate as intended by nature.

Lavylites Natural Products

The high vibration Lavylites products carry inside, contribute not only to your physical healing but also to your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

The nano technology helps to deliver the intelligence of plants, crystals, minerals and even meteoroids deep into our cells so our body can begin the process of self-healing.

You don't need the diagnosis to start using and benefiting from Lavylites products. Lavylites are like carriers, delivering original matrix of information to your cells. Your intelligent body will do the rest!

LavylNose by Lavylites provides not only a natural solution to relieving your symptoms but it also activates your body's natural healing responses.

Seasonal allergies? Asthma? Sinus Problems?

LavylNose is your answer!

Fast Relief!
LavylNose offers a quick and effective way to relieve the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies, asthma or sinus congestion.
It's ALL natural!

LavylNose is composed of natural ingredients and its use won't interfere with other treatments you might be using.

It's versatile!

LavylNose can be used for a variety of conditions, including asthma, hay fever, sinus problem, headaches, ear infections and ever common colds

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

~ Albert Einstein

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"I love that I can use Auricum spray internally as well, like the times that I burn my tongue and I can spray it a few times and in 15 minutes forget it ever happened."

~A. Langer


I struggled with asthma and COPD. LavylNose works well in conjunction with my Desbio drops. I wheeze a lot less, close to nothing now.

~ D. Arias.




Lavylites Heavyl 3.I
How I healed Vertigo with Lavylites
Vertigo is not something I suffer from so it came to me as a surprise one Sunday morning when I woke up with my head spinning.
Lavylites Natural Products
Why I chose Lavylites
Now I fully understand and embrace this exciting chapter in my life that opened up thanks to Lavylites

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