LavylNose to the rescue!
When asthma, seasonal allergies or sinus congestion hits, LavylNose doesn’t disappoint!

My father has been using LavylNose for a while now and I will share his story too, but first I want to share my own experience with LavylNose by Lavylites.

I have suffered from seasonal allergies since I was 7 years old and somehow, since we moved to Virginia, they have become even worse. The first day that the weather was nice enough to do some yard clean-up, my allergies flared up. The familiar sneezing and itchy, watery eyes once again reminded me why I have a love-hate relationship with Spring.

I didn’t know what to expect after using LavylNose and I will be honest that for someone who used a nasal spray for the first time in her life, the sensation of the liquid going into my sinuses was not very pleasant. It wasn’t the smell; as LavylNose has a very gentle scent to it, it was more the tad of a burning sensation inside my nose. That being said, I am a princess when it comes to sensory issues, and Princess Agata quickly got over the fear of using a nasal spray after she witnessed how quickly she stopped sneezing and producing fluids from her sinuses and nose due to aforementioned seasonal allergies.

The way LavylNose works is that it helps your sinuses to release all the blockages and build-up inside the passages so you can breathe clearly and be symptomfree in a short 15-ish minutes.

So far, an overwhelming 99% of the customers who tried LavylNose, were extremely happy that they found an effective and natural solution to their health issues. Most people will say that there was a lot of discharge that came out of them (Gross! I know!) but they could finally breathe clearly after the discharge was released. “Better out than in”, as Shrek once said. 😉

If you are wondering who the 1% is that wasn’t satisfied with LavylNose, it was my 18-year-old son. The reason? Not quite sure but possibly because it was his mom that suggested the solution. 😉

One of the local moms who initially purchased the LavylNose nasal spray for her husband (chronic cough), came back to me the next day and ended up buying 6 more for herself and her other family members!

I also need to mention that this product will NOT dry up your sinus membranes the way that some commercial nasal sprays will. I use it 1-3 times a day, depending on my needs.

For the sake of experimentation and also, let’s be honest, because I didn’t want to be sick, I used LavylNose when I felt I was developing a cold. I believe I used it 2 or 3 times in the hours before bedtime and I woke up symptom-free the very next morning!!

I also used it in conjunction with Lavyl32 to treat an ear infection. To give you a little bit of a back story. I had a root canal done, and I felt an infection creeping in. I was using Lavyl32 to ward off the infection but it started affecting and spreading to my ears. That’s when I used LavylNose and Lavyl32 inside my ear. I used it multiple times throughout the evening and I was symptom-free in the morning!

A friend of mine who purchased this product to treat her asthma also reported that LavylNose effectively cured her headache!

I feel this is the ideal segue to chat a bit about asthma and I promise you, you will love this story!

Many people will ask me how I came across Lavylites and the answer is: my parents. They started using these awesome products first. I believe that LavylNose was what “sold” my father on Lavylites and here is why. My father has always struggled with asthma. I remember he could never sleep in musty environments, even in a tent, as he would start sneezing and coughing just to end up in an ER with an asthma attack.

What he told me was this: “I started using LavylNose just before going to bed. I asked Krzysiek (the Lavylites guy) if I could replace my inhaler with LavylNose and he said yes. It worked very well, I didn’t have to reach for my inhaler at all. After about 6 months of using LavylNose, I noticed that I started forgetting to use it before bed and I still slept well without any breathing issues! Today, I am asthma-free and I use the LavylNose only if I work in dusty places, for example after I clean the garage or after I work on cutting wood with an electric saw. It helps me clean my passages and my lungs.”

My parents also introduced LavylNose to my uncle who had no choice but to quit smoking after 50+ years because of a life-threatening episode he had. Basically one day his lungs said “enough” and he ended up in the ER because he couldn’t catch his breath. LavylNose is balancing his functions at the moment. I will keep you updated on my uncle’s story as it has happened fairly recently.

My friend, Daisy, suffered from COPD and she reported to me ” I hardly wheeze anymore!”

The proof is in the pudding, my dear readers! If you want to experience Lavylites on your own, please reach out to me by filling this contact form.

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LavylNose natural asthma and seasonal allergy treatment
LavylNose to the rescue!
When asthma, seasonal allergies or sinus congestion hits, LavylNose doesn’t disappoint!
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