Kicking off my Journey as a Lifestyle Photographer
When Sarah said: “I love getting dirty! I hate shoes and I love being barefoot”, I knew she would be ideal for my first lifestyle photo session.
I often wonder why lifestyle photography started appealing to me out of the blue. Maybe it’s because I value the freedom of expression so much more lately or perhaps it’s simply because I got tired of posing, tired of rules and restrictions. In any event, this draw to lifestyle photography came at a perfect time.

I knew I needed a new portfolio as my work from the past includes mostly typical (posed) in-studio images. I was looking for a family to experiment my new style of shooting with, and Sarah came along. When she mentioned how much she loves running her fingers and her toes through dirt and how much she loves walking barefoot, I knew she would be an ideal match to what I was trying to capture.

Sarah and her family met me at a local lake (Bear Creek State Park), and it didn’t take long before she and her girls dipped their feet in mud 🙂

I love how the girls loved walking in the mud (just at the shoreline) and how they enjoyed hanging out with their dad!

When Sarah said “I love getting dirty”, she really meant it! There she is sitting covered in mud, enjoying herself and her sweet, also muddy baby!

Playing in Mud during a family photo session

One of things I loved most about Sarah’s family, is that they felt very natural spending time together and didn’t act awkward with me being there to capture their family. Nothing forced, just simply hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.

Family Photo Session Outdoors
The girls loved each other’s company. The oldest one, LeiAnne, is a caregiver by nature and it really shows in this capture.

Often, dads will resist having their picture taken but it wasn’t the case with Allen. He really enjoyed the time with his girls and you can see how natural the girls feel with their dad. They gravitate toward him and it shows!

Dad with children lifestyle photo session
How is that for a father-daughter connection? So much LOVE! <3

This capture below will forever be my favorite one. When I look at Charlie’s face, I can feel how comfortable and safe she feels in her father’s arms.

daughter in her father's safe arms
There is no safer place to be than in your father’s arms

One of the greatest perks of transitioning into lifestyle photo session is that I no longer needed to trick toddlers to pose, smile or look at the camera for me. Toddlers have a mind and an agenda on their own, and all I have to do is capture their free spirit.

toddler and mom at the beach
Aylen wanted to follow her own paths… just like toddlers or cats like to do 😉

I couldn’t have had a better family to kick off my new journey as a lifestyle photographer. I feel truly blessed to have had a chance to get to know and photograph Sarah and her family!

I am super excited to see what this new journey will bring!

mother and her children hug
Sarah’s getting a warm (and wet) hug from her girls 🙂

Fossil Beach Here We Come!
Fossil Beach is a perfect spot for a fun-filled family session but not many parents will drive almost 2 hours with toddlers for a photo shoot! Since Victoria does hiking trips with her children frequently, she was happy to make the trip and I am so happy she did!
“We Laugh Together And Make Life Not Too Serious”
When your customer says “I envision our kids running through the fields and holding our animals”, it’s like music to my ears!
The Mountains Are Calling My Name
We were planning with Claire to have her family session on her property, but when I showed her a picture of Cole Mountain on my phone, she instantly said: “Let’s do it!”
Kicking off my Journey as a Lifestyle Photographer
When Sarah said: “I love getting dirty! I hate shoes and I love being barefoot”, I knew she would be ideal for my first lifestyle photo session.