It's your turn to be in front of the camera!

I get it! You are always the one taking pictures of your angels! How would it feel for you to step in front of the camera and let me capture the unique connection you have with your children?

Some moms will not hesitate to be photographed and some will feel self-conscious in front of the camera! I know the feeling very well if you can only trust me, I will create the kind of atmosphere for your session where you will allow yourself to open up, have fun with your children and forget you are being photographed!

It's time to treat yourself!

This Mother's Day, treat yourself to a fun portrait session experience with your children!

Capture the Love!

All you will need to do is to play with them, hug them and love them, which is what you do every day anyway!! My job is to capture it!

Book Your Photo Session Experience Now!

Create memories that will last a lifetime!

As moms, we hope that one day our children will look at the photographs and feel our unconditional love toward them.

I have a confession to make!

I have been photographing families for almost 10 years now and it wasn't until last year that I finally decided to hire another photographer to capture our family. What pushed me to do it, was my oldest son turning 18. I realized that all that time, I was taking photos of my children and my husband but never of myself with my boys. Let me tell you something, I still love my boys more than anything in this world, but I wish I had someone who would capture these precious times when they would sit in my lap and wrap their arms around my neck, because back then, I was their entire WORLD.

They grow so fast!

I heard that a lot when my kids were younger and honestly I didn't believe it! When my oldest son turned 18, I felt like life sneaked up on me!

Every stage of your children's life is unique. The way they smile, interact with you, hug you, look at you. Let me capture the connection you share with your children now!

Your Mother's Day Portrait Session Experience

This session is designed for mothers and their children.

It's scheduled an hour before the sunset at in-town (or close proximity) location of your choice.

Add $100 for out of town locations.


Wardrobe & location consultation

60 minute photo session

Review appointment via Zoom

30 full resolution images of your choice

Password protected online gallery

Print release for your digital portraits



Can my husband join us for the session?

Mother's Day sessions are designed for moms and their children. We focus on the special connection that moms have with their babies. Mother's Day sessions are also prices accordingly and they take about an hour.

Family sessions on the other hand, take twice as long, as there is so much more to capture, including not only portraits of a dad with his children but also some portraits of parents only.

Where do the sessions take place?

Many moms want to have their portraits taken in their back yard, or their home. Other great locations are local parks, such as Bear Creek Park or Maymont. We will discuss the best location for your family at the pre-session consultation.

Why is there only one slot a day for a session?

In short, because there is only one sunset 🙂 . To capture magical portraits, I need to consider the best lighting. An hour before the sunset happens to be one of the best times to shoot. Another option is an hour before the sunrise. If if think it will work better for you, please contact me and we will schedule a day for your sunrise session.

One of the things I enjoy most is letting kids be kids.

No fake smiles or posing, just playing and having fun!

This is how I can capture authentic emotions and connections between family members.

Memories that will last a lifetime!

Let's have fun and create artful portraits of you and your children!