“We Laugh Together And Make Life Not Too Serious”
When your customer says “I envision our kids running through the fields and holding our animals”, it’s like music to my ears!
When Anna told me she lived on a property with rolling hills, a garden, sheep, ducks and chickens, I instantly knew it would give us a great variety to capture her family in their own element; where they feel, well… at home 🙂 .

The Nice family is every photographer’s dream family to work with; and I am not saying it just to be polite. There is that certain blissful tranquility that is an integral part of this family and I am so thankful to have had a chance to capture that!

Beautiful family taking a leisure stroll holding hands
Enjoying a stroll together <3

One of the things that Anna told me as she was presenting her vision for the session was “I had envisioned our kids running through the fields”. This vision stuck in my mind and I was on a mission to make it happen!

Children running through the fields holding hands
This image reminds me of simple joys of life; carefree childhood memories.

I could certainly NOT pass on the great opportunity to photograph the family with the livestock!! The more the merrier! (and more messy sometimes 😉 )

Where there are chickens, there must be eggs! Might be scrambled when in hands of a toddler! Elowen certainly doesn’t mind 😉

family putting fresh eggs in a bucket
Collecting fresh eggs is fun for all; especially toddlers 😉

Every farm must have a kitty! Judging by his expression, Leverette must have found something gross on this kitty’s fur.

children playing with a black and white cat
Yup, whatever it is, it must be icky!

The entire family enjoys the beautiful garden! Leverette, Leah and Magnolia love crunching on juicy carrots.

So fresh, juicy and healthy!

Anna enjoys her beautiful peonies that just came to bloom, although I bet she enjoys hugs even more! 🙂

One of the reasons that I love photographing so much, is seeing this kind of expression on people’s faces; love, appreciation and gratitude for the family they have.

The funny moments captures are definite keepers! Just look at Elowen’s expression! It cracked me up every time I see this photograph 🙂

To finish off this experience, I suggested firing off the water sprinkler and I must say that my idea was very popular; especially with the children!
Based on this capture though, I believe Anna enjoyed herself a lot! Timothy liked watching from the distance. Good enough! 😉

It’s a wrap at the Nice’s family farm! It was a blast! Thank you for having me, Anna, Timothy, Leah, Sophie, Magnolia, Leverette and Elowen!

family together, kids sitting on the fence
A family is forever! <3
Fossil Beach Here We Come!
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“We Laugh Together And Make Life Not Too Serious”
When your customer says “I envision our kids running through the fields and holding our animals”, it’s like music to my ears!
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