Fossil Beach Here We Come!
Fossil Beach is a perfect spot for a fun-filled family session but not many parents will drive almost 2 hours with toddlers for a photo shoot! Since Victoria does hiking trips with her children frequently, she was happy to make the trip and I am so happy she did!

June 15, 2021

This simple recipe of WATER + SAND + KIDS never fails to deliver a fantastic opportunity for a successful photo session!

This simple yet highly effective recipe didn’t disappoint when it came to a session with Victoria and her sweet children!
When we got to the beach, the kids knew what to do (play of course!), and Victoria joined them right in!

Toddlers running and having fun at the beach
Water and sand sound simple but they sure provide so much joy for active children!

But wait! There is more! It gets better when mom gets to throw you up in the air! Keep it coming, mom! 🙂

Mom throwing her daughter up in the air at the beach
Luna says “Now, we’re talking!” 🙂

After all the running, thrill and some tickles, Victoria got some hugs and tender affection from sweet Iris.
Yes, that moment was brief, as it is with toddlers, but still very appreciated! <3

Finally the moment Iris, Luna and Liam have been waiting for! A green light to get wet AND to splash their mom!!!

Mom and her children playing and splashing in the water
“You mean we can splash you, Mom? 🙂

Since the kids had so much fun, I thought it was only right to reward Victoria with some juicy kisses from her angels!!

This capture below needs a little explanation. I was trying to get one portrait of the family with everyone looking and smiling at the camera. As soon as I asked the children to smile, they all said “CHEESE” and gave their best “on-demand” smiles they had! 🙂
Victoria cracked up and I crack up every time I think of this moment. PRICELESS! Simply priceless! <3


Victoria, thank you for this amazing afternoon spent at the beach with your sweet children! <3

Agata Langer