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We ask, but do we block the answer?
How many times have you felt frustrated because you ask God questions and you can’t see obvious answers to come to you?

Durning one of my discussions with my friend and my mentor Julie Boerst, I asked if the Spirit could answer a straight forward question for me: “What would be more beneficial for me to do? Set pricing for my coaching services or let people donate?” The idea of working on donation is something that I had tried not that long ago and it has brought up a whole plethora of stuck emotions and thought patters that needed and still need attention (by attention I mean clearing up 🙂 ).

Instead of a straight answer, the Spirit bounced this question back to me asking: “Are you willing to have obvious answers come to you?”.

When I heard this question, an immediate “What do you mean, of course I am!” reply came to my mind, followed by a tad of sarcasm along the way of ” I asked after all…”

This question however stuck in my mind and I knew it needed an honest answer, an answer below the surface of ego. Julie explained to me that when we ask God a question and we don’t hear or see an answer, it’s not because God doesn’t give it to us, but because we are blocking it.

I asked myself an honest question then, “Why am I blocking this answer from coming to me?”. The answer to this question came quickly and was as clear as the sky. You see, with either one of the answers, there came a choice, and behind both of these choices, there stood a long line of unhealed emotions I knew I would need to tackle. My subconscious was blocking this answer from coming to me because I wasn’t ready to face the emotional drama that I knew would follow making the choice.

What emotional drama, you might ask?

Well, with the first choice, working on donations, I knew I would be facing a whole bunch of unhealed emotions such as resentment, injustice, being attached to expectations or even pure anger and frustration.

If I were to do things the good old fashioned way, charge a fee for my coaching services, I would bring up all emotions related to placing conditions or worth on my services that in my mind, I should be offering freely and without restrictions such as a price tag.

Either way, I would be forced to face the ugly truth about my subconscious beliefs related to self-worth.

Now it was clear to me that I was nowhere near ready for the obvious answer to come to me. I was blocking the answer by being fearful and not ready to make a decision. My conscious mind was getting impatient and kind of angry when the answer wasn’t coming while my subconscious mind was sitting nice and cozy in the cocoon of not-knowing.

I admit, that many times it’s hard to arrive to a conclusion why or how we are blocking answers from the Divine, that’s why I am here, ready and available to help you unravel the unknown. Getting to the root cause of the blockage is one thing, opening up to release it (heal it), is a whole other story. Let’s chat!

Wishing you Love, Light and OBVIOUS ANSWERS 🙂

All because I was refused candy.
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We ask, but do we block the answer?
How many times have you felt frustrated because you ask God questions and you can’t see obvious answers to come to you?