Why I chose Lavylites
Now I fully understand and embrace this exciting chapter in my life that opened up thanks to Lavylites

Before I tell you about the reasons why I chose Lavylites, I must mention that Lavylites products came to my life when I was asking God to engage me in something that would bring me not only joy and fulfillments but that would also help others … and God delivered. I must say it came to me a surprise at first, but after learning more and more about Lavylites, I completely understood why they came to my life and I fully embraced this new and exciting chapter.

Now, let’s list the ever-growing list of the reasons I decided to spread the word about Lavylites.

  • Lavylites don’t heal but they activate our body’s natural abilities to heal and regenerate. What it means, is that you don’t have to become a captive to life-long medication that only treats the symptoms, instead, you bring your body to an optimal condition where your intelligent system knows how to take care of itself.
  • You don’t need a diagnosis to use Lavylites. In times, when nobody knows what is wrong with your body and when you have exhausted all treatment options, Lavylites will do the (healing) job. They simply deliver the information deep into your cells (even bone marrow), activating your body to self-regeneration and natural healing. Your body does the rest, just as designed!
  • Lavylites don’t interfere with any other medications you might be taking. Conventional medicine is often needed, we can’t reject it! Lavylites won’t get in the way!
  • Lalvylites are all natural and not tested on animals. No fillers, just the powerful essence of what Mother Earth offers us.
  • The nano technology contained in Lavylites products allows the information to travel deep into our cells, even into the bone marrow. Another beautiful thing, is that whatever our body doesn’t need or use, gets expelled within 72 hours of using the product.
  • Lavylites are easy to use and they smell heavenly (in my opinion anyway, as I love the scent of herbs 🙂 ). They come mostly in the form of sprays and I am not sure about you, but I dislike swallowing pills!
  • Tibor Jacabovics discovered how to pack the essence derived from herbs, crystals, minerals and even meteoroids into nano particles that Lavylites contain. I know that I use and offer a product that has a breakthrough quantum physics invention behind it and offers nothing but natural healing superpowers.
  • Lavylites is not just for your body, it’s for your soul as well! Lavylites products are of extremely high vibration so that means, they will raise your own vibration helping you to feel happy, energized, centered, and going through life with clarity and emotional balance.
  • Miraculous stories of healing are flooding in by the minute and they speak for themselves. Lavylites work where conventional medicine couldn’t offer any answers or solutions.
  • Last, but not least, Lavylites offers me a way of lliving, a way to help others and myself.
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Lavylites Natural Products
Why I chose Lavylites
Now I fully understand and embrace this exciting chapter in my life that opened up thanks to Lavylites